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Created by a physics teacher, SPACE TOW TRUCK is a REAL physics puzzle game that Isaac Newton would have loved! With this recreational-educational game, you'll solve puzzles and master physics while discovering the Moon!

"I’ve come away from my great time with Space Tow Truck a little smarter, a little more knowledgeable of some basic mechanics of physics and in the history of science in general.

I just loved it. All of it. The theorising, the plotting of my assumptions, reading the tables, walking back through the ‘code’, testing, and, of course, adjusting where needed.

Not only is it educational, entertaining, and stimulating, but it’s also for a good cause. Catch knowledge!"

8/10 - DarkZero

In SPACE TOW TRUCK, you play as an astronaut that has to, after a painful car crash landing on the Moon, use the laws of mechanics and the innovative patented technologies of SPACE TOW TRUCK to get out of trouble. Besides, who is behind the awkward and mysterious SPACE TOW TRUCK customer service?

With this game created by a physics teacher, physics and puzzles are intimately linked! Each world of the game covers a different physics concept like position, velocity, acceleration, etc. You will challenge your kinematics skills while using :

  • a Spacetime Vortex to repair your car
  • a Teleport Beam to change your position
  • Dual Portals to make displacements
  • an Antimatter Impulse to change your velocity
  • an Electric Impulse to apply a delta-velocity to your car
  • an Advanced Laser Beam to control your acceleration
  • a Gravitational Wave Beam to control gravity
  • a Patented Black Hole Technology to apply circular motions to your car

About the lore of the game, completing each level will reveal the history of science in the level selection scene. As you progress, you will also know more about the Moon, its craters, its seas, and the space landers that dot its surface. Finally, the last world of the game is dedicated to women in science (out of a total of 1600 craters named after scientists on the Moon, only 32 are women!).


  • Use eight space and patented technologies
  • Use an innovative self-service system developped by SPACE TOW TRUCK
  • Enjoy a replay system with slow motion effect
  • Get help from a mysterious "person" working at SPACE TOW TRUCK and find out why it is so motivated to help you
  • Hear Soft Music
  • Choose between a puzzle mode and a story mode
  • Discover the Moon, its seas, its craters and the landers that dot its surface
  • Learn about the history of science and its evolution, with the last world dedicated to women in science
  • Feel, understand and learn the laws of mechanics
  • Game created by a physics teacher who worked part time for three years on this game

Whatever your emergency, SPACE TOW TRUCK have the tools to get you on your way.

Happy space travels.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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